Your partner in all aspects of people & culture

Whether in-person or online, we serve as your internal ally in every stage of the employee journey.
We provide virtual assistance, routine on-site visits, remote support and advice on call.

Outsourced People & Culture

You will get a dedicated HR Consultant to support you and your business with all your people and culture requirements.  We will work collaboratively with you, and coach you every step of the way, either on-site, off-site, on the phone or online.

Act as your in-house HR Manager

HR advice and guidance

People and culture strategy

Talent management and planning

People & Culture Compliance

We complete an HR audit to see what you currently have in place and advise on what is missing.   We help you to create bespoke documentation that suits your internal culture. We work with our employment lawyer to ensure your documents comply with current legislation so that your HR department has the fundamentals in place to operate smoothly.

Employment agreement and offer letter templates

Policies, guidelines and staff handbook creation

Performance review frameworks

Employee lifecycle letter templates

Employment Relations Advice & Support

We help you understand and navigate employment law, manage performance issues, run disciplinary processes and plan and carry out restructures.  We are there to support and coach you to have difficult conversations, within legal parameters.

Poor performance & performance improvement processes

Employment investigations and misconduct

Disciplinary processes

Restructure and redundancies

Training, Learning & Development

We understand the significance of investing in your workforce through learning and development initiatives.

By supporting you to prioritise the growth and advancement of your team members, we ensure that their personal development directly contributes to the financial success of your business.

Management training and workshops

Training and development initiatives

Talent & succession planning

Competency mapping

Leadership & Employee Coaching

We work with your business to provide tailored coaching packages aimed at investing in, motivating, and nurturing your workforce.

These customised programmes offer leaders and employees the chance to receive extra support and guidance, enabling them to unlock their full potential.

1:1 coaching

Gallup strength-based coaching and development

Manager as coach conversations

Recruitment Support

We can manage your entire end-to-end recruitment process. You choose what you want us to work on – it might be taking care of the entire process, only interviews or anything in between.

Recruitment process design

Advertising, screening and shortlisting

Interviewing (ownership or support)

Onboarding, induction and welcoming programmes

Graham Lange


Director at IHS

“People and Culture describes exactly what Mel and Gemma are about. The people first, culture, professional, efficient, and effective in the workplace. ”

Valma Wills


Creche Manager - Meadowood Creche

“Thank you for your guidance and prompt communication throughout the process. You gave us assurance that a fair and reasonable process was being enacted.”

Sam Williams


Director at KWC Surveying, Planning & Project Management

“Melanie took the time to come into the office for our initial consultation which helped to dial into what we needed and how best to help. Happy to recommend to others. ”

Justine McCrory


Director at Filters Direct

“Working with Gemma has been very easy and professional. Our business needed updated Employment Contracts and these were done with ease and attention to the details we required. ”

Mark Hurley


Managing Director - Mizen Automation

“I found People and Culture to be very professional and friendly. They delivered to a high standard and within a much shorter timeframe than I was expecting. Knowing I can use P&C for ongoing HR support is very reassuring as a small business owner.”

Jonathan Mihaljevich


General Manager at Franklin Rd Rocks

“Immense thanks to Gemma for your absolute expertise combined with gentle and caring temperament. You’re head and shoulders above anyone else we’ve worked with on similar matters.”

John Webster


Director at The Blackwood Project

“I found working with Mel gave me the instant relief a small business owner needs, that comes from knowing our HR issues were being handled by a professional. I highly recommend People & Culture to other businesses.”

Julie Rope


Director at Rope Neuro Rehabilitation Ltd

“Mel and Gemma have been the light at the end of a tunnel! They are prompt and took the time to understand my business and its needs. They have added immense value and can’t believe I managed without them for so long!”

Maria Madill


Operations Manager - Hahei Beach

“Our people and the business needed clarity, thanks for understanding us so quickly and nailing it. Thanks People & Culture, you have helped us put our people into our policies with instant and ongoing relief from any legislation pain points. ”

Vaughan Magnusson


Director at Hahei Beach

“It's a pleasure to deal with experienced professionals who know their stuff and provide sound and pragmatic advice.”

Vicky Taylor


CEO of moochi

“People and Culture are a great balance of professional and caring, pragmatic while also understanding best practise. They simplify problems and support us to move forward.”

Abel Butler


CEO at HealthPost

“Mel has set the bar at a new level for us in terms of outsourced support. People and Culture have made a hugely positive contribution to our business in a relatively short amount of time. You'll be in great hands!”

Scott Kennedy


Managing Director at Edition

“Mel and Gemma’s dedication to fostering vibrant workplaces is unmatched. Their passion for people shines through in everything they do!”