About Us

Unlocking the power of people

Empathy and collaboration are at the heart of our approach. We understand that every workplace has its unique challenges, and we're here to help you address them.

A modern approach to Human Resources

At People & Culture, we're not your typical HR agency. By ditching the traditional HR approach and embracing a more human-centered mindset, we're able to unlock the true potential of your people and your business. Together, we'll create an environment where employees feel heard, supported, and engaged.

We start by listening to you. We want to understand your unique business challenges and aspirations. With our expertise and insights, we'll work hand in hand with you to design tailored solutions that transform your employee experience. We'll identify opportunities to enhance workplace culture, streamline processes, and optimise performance, ensuring that your business is set up for success.

Our Values

We're dedicated to offering reliable support, transparency and genuine enthusiasm by providing you with honest, practical advice and a commitment to your success.

Our Approach

A modern, friendly approach to H.R

Our purpose is to help you build a culture that adds value to your business and adds value to your people.


We deliver every time. We've got your back, ensuring your people and culture needs are met consistently.


We believe in HR without the hidden agendas. No surprises, just straightforward and honest partnerships.


We are energetic and passionate about people. Our enthusiasm is infectious, making the people and culture journey not just efficient, but enjoyable too.


We are true to ourselves and our clients. We keep it real, offering genuine solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Down to Earth

We're not your typical HR consultants. We are practical and pragmatic, while remaining easy-going and friendly. We make HR conversations as easy as chatting over a cup of coffee.


We're committed, devoted, and always by your side, ensuring your people and culture strategy aligns seamlessly with your business goals. Your success is our dedication.

Our Founders

We’re passionate about people

Melanie Fisher

Co-founder & Culture Specialist
Melanie is genuinely passionate about people and their experience at work. With experience across the entire employee lifecycle, Melanie brings a professional skill set that is key to support businesses in growth mode. With an understanding of both local and global businesses, including in NZ, Australia, UK, Japan and Singapore, Melanie brings a strong understanding of people practices in a variety of settings.

A degree in Business Psychology

Certified Employee Experience Designer with 'Excellent'

Leadership Coach

Expertise spanning startup landscapes to global operations

Gemma Stringer

Co-founder & Culture Specialist
Gemma thrives off being around people and enjoys the reward of seeing employees live and breathe their place of work. With over 14 years of experience across a range of different industries spanning NZ and the United Kingdom, Gemma is a true people and culture generalist. Gemma has worked within large corporates to standalone HR leadership roles and loves getting her hands dirty in all elements of people and culture.

A degree in Psychology and Business

Post-graduate Diploma in Business

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

An understanding of both local and global businesses

We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.

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Answers to common questions about outsourcing your HR and how it works.

How do you charge for your services?

Our pricing structure is tiered based on the level of support you require each month. Each tier has its own hourly rate, reflecting the volume of hours secured. We offer packaged rates for certain projects on enquiry.

Please note, all rates are subject to GST.

How do you tailor your services to fit our company's specific needs?

We start with a client discovery session and an HR audit of your company's current HR practices and business objectives. This allows us to customise our services to address your specific challenges and opportunities effectively.

What happens if we need to scale up or down the services we receive from you?

Our services are flexible, allowing you to scale up or down based on your changing business needs. We can adjust our support and resources to match your current requirements. We don't lock you into fixed length contracts.  

How do you ensure confidentiality and data protection?

We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and comply with data protection laws to safeguard your business and employee information, treating all matters with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

What kind of support can you provide for managing remote teams?

We provide strategies and tools for effective remote team management, including communication protocols, digital HR solutions, and remote team building activities to maintain productivity and engagement.

How can outsourcing HR benefit my business?

Outsourcing HR can provide your business with expert advice, reduce overhead costs, ensure compliance with employment laws, improve employee performance and satisfaction, and frees up your time to allow you to focus on core business activities.

Do you offer support for implementing HR technology solutions?

Absolutely. We can assist in selecting and implementing the right HR technology solutions for your business, from full HRIS (Human Resource Information System) to performance management tools, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your existing processes.